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Virtual SpiralMethodFacilitator Certification

Thursday-Friday, April 8 - 9, 9am - 5pm MT +

Our SpiralMethod™ Certification program prepares you to change the world as a facilitator, and human connector, who builds group trust easily and inspires people to reach decisions and goals faster by uncovering collective wisdom. 

$8,000 investment for a 1 year program

In this two-day program, you and other leaders will:

  • Participate in live, peer group experiences to learn practices that – when used on an everyday basis – nurture connection and unlock trust.
  • Learn new group facilitation practices, grounded in time-honored principles, that break modern-day cycles of expediency and polarization to create upward spirals of connection and action.
  • Understand how to effectively move toward the heat of authentic conversation while honoring others and fostering emotional awareness.
  • Practice the art of speaking with honesty, asking thought-provoking questions, and listening with curiosity to remove the barriers that prevent communities from advancing.
  • Learn how to create a connected community and communicate in ways that transcend digital and analog worlds, leading with empathy and authority.

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“If you’re willing to trust the SpiralMethod process and maintain an open heart, the benefits for you and your organization are indispensable.”

- Patrick Smith, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Cook Street Consulting

Why Now

The unprecedented nature of the pandemic, combined with growing divisiveness and polarization in communities has led to a perfect storm of disconnection, distrust, and lack of empathy. Digital divisions carry over into real life, impacting everything from organizational culture and engagement to business continuity, productivity, and profitability. 

It’s more important than ever for leaders to be honest with themselves about whether they are equipped to lead their teams through this moment. Learning to show humanity as a leader while maintaining authority can be tricky but is not out of reach. With a simple, guiding set of principles and a lot of practice, you can begin to lead in ways that quickly unlock the collective power of your organization to thrive, even in tumultuous times.  


A message from our Founder
Leslie Jones

“In these highly divisive times, leaders are challenged to realize the full potential of the groups they lead. While the barriers that keep us from truly connecting as humans continue to multiply, SpiralMethod Facilitator Certification refocuses leaders on the fundamentals.

 By arming you with simple yet powerful tools grounded in empathy, we help you get your communities listening and relating to one another again in ways that will start a profound ripple effect of positive change.”



Add to your Toolbox with SpiralMethod

SpiralMethod offers simple, high-impact practices that help you master the blended art and science of unlocking human connection. We focus on communication and interactive community practices. There are no burdensome methodologies, tests, or binders. Our practices and tools are intuitive and timeless, so you realize change faster and more sustainably, even in a fast-paced world.