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Come together virtually with like-minded leaders and changemakers in a safe, collaborative setting to meet, interact, and experience SpiralMethod™.

Do you want to learn to build trust quickly in groups? 

Ultimately, SpiralMethod teaches people to master the art of unlocking human connection with easy, meaningful communication and interactive community practices grounded in empathy and heart-centered leadership. 

However, before we prepare you to change the world as a leader, facilitator, and human connector, we invite you to experience SpiralMethod as a participant from the comfort of your home. 

Please join us for an upcoming facilitated experience that puts the core principles behind SpiralMethod into practice:  

Friday, December 4, 12-1pm MST 

The primary goal of this experience is to be present and connect with fellow participants, rather than taking notes and analyzing SpiralMethod practices. 

You will leave with a better understanding of the power of thought-provoking questions and curious listening to create connection within a group setting.  


“I felt empowered to declutter my mind and spirit. You have taught me how to be present, think clearly, and believe in myself. Everyone should be lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in this type of circle. With my deepest gratitude.”

-Maie A. St. John, M.D., Ph.D.